Your Queen of Peace

My such beloved children, I am with you today to console you. I understand very well your state of mind, but I ask you with all my heart not to grow sad. I am with you. I implore you, be calm, otherwise how will you help your brethren in the difficulties that you will have to face?

I am with you, but you, regain the serenity and the patience that my Son, from the height of that Cross, has taught you. You know very well that you find yourselves living in the last times on this earth that is consumed, sullied, destroyed by man, who has not wanted to respect the will of God.

I pray you: I need you, you are my last children of peace. Be close with your good example to the brethren who live in the darkness that Satan chooses precisely for souls weak in temptation.

Do not listen to those who judge you by putting your patience to hard proof. Your Father counts on you and on your example.

My dear, dearest children, feel yourselves protected. Jesus, together with Me and your guardian angel, will not let you be tempted more than you can fight back. Be yet my little handmaids, fighting with the strength of prayer, the only weapon that bears prayer, the only weapon that leads to victory.

All those who are near you must feel your strength, which comes only from the Holy Spirit, who is God! I am with you. Have courage, I tell you, you are well protected. Nothing can do you harm if you are filled with our spirit.

I bless you from on high. Lift your eyes to heaven when you are in difficulty, with the certitude that We are there for you.

Your Queen of Peace

Jesus, Love and Savior

It is I, your Jesus. I want to listen to the prayer of my children, who continue to remember the love of their Jesus under the most heavy wood of the Cross.

My dear children, I thank you at this time of terrible storms. You remain few in number and I need you very much, you who, with courage, continue along the most difficult way that leads to salvation.

The world is making itself all the more incredulous toward Me, toward my Father, and my Mother, She who continues to intercede without rest before the Father so that He have compassion on his children poorest in Spirit.

My daughter, my cenacle continues to raise prayers without tiring and this gives me such joy. Pray for all my consecrated ones who no longer respect the promises made to me in their Consecration.

Satan is making a massacre of this most beloved sons of mine. He blinds them with false hopes and they fall into temptation. Dear children, offer me your prayers and sufferings for these who are dear to me but weak consecrated children.

It would be the end, this direction could even be your spiritual death, being no longer able to feed on the Eucharist, which keeps you alive and preserves you from every evil. My children, be always aware that without God there is no more life.

My return with my Mother is indispensable for your salvation. For this reason, the times of our return among you are drawing shorter in order to give the possibility of salvation to all our most beloved children, favorite and sovereign race.

I bless you, my beloved. Remain united in my name and soon you will be free from the chains of Satan.

Jesus, Love and Savior

Most Pure Mary of the Rosary

My such beloved children, my cenacle is full and I expect from you much, much love, in words but all the more in deeds.

You know well that the times you are living through are very difficult, but with your prayer you can help many brethren who live far from the grace and love of God.

Pray, my children, and above all offer your sacrifices and your sufferings, which I, your Mother, know very well. My Son Jesus is offended in every way but you, with your daily offerings, can help him.

I ask you, be close and forgive those who do you wrong. I tell you that often you offend each other only because you are under temptation. I counsel more prayer, confession, and to receive the Eucharist every day.

You will soon see positive effects. First, you will no longer feel offended when, in your encounters, there is no more love and understanding. Be humble of heart and if the Eucharistic Jesus is in you, all will remain easier for you.

Dear children, your Church is our Church. You see well how much she is in suffering. Therefore, I expect from you the care that heals. You know it well: prayer, fasting, prayer.

I am always near you. See to it that my sufferings are alleviated by your love. My cenacles must burn with love. Only then will my Jesus and I be consoled.

Save souls with your offerings and your sufferings. Only in this way can you give God true love. I bless you. Be my last apostles of peace. Jesus is with you like he was with his first apostles.

Peace to you who have come together in my cenacle.

Most Pure Mary of the Rosary

Mary, Mother of Jesus

I am your Mother and the Mother of Jesus. Dear children, never doubt the love that binds me to each of you. Without my help, above all in these times, you would not go far.

I am leading you, I am teaching each of you the best way to follow. You are walking in the dark like never before and the terrible thing is that you are not aware of it.

I am taking you by the hand but some of you do not welcome me. I cannot insist without their wanting it. You, my dear children, always follow me steps and go ahead without fear, without if, and without but.

My dear children, I counsel you always on the surest way and in order to encounter the least obstacles along the way. Dear children, always listen to your heart before beginning anything.

I will always counsel you for your good and you will continue serenely and full of the grace of my Son. Remember that without prayer you will never obtain the best for you and for your families.

Do not listen to those who would bring you far from my Jesus. It is Satan who always offers much and then, in the same way, takes it all away, leaving you with bitterness in your mouth. Do not have fear or worry. My children will never lack what is necessary.

Let the Eucharist always be your daily bread. I will console you in afflictions and will raise you up in your falls. I bless you, my dear children. Always remember that strength comes and will always come from God.

I bless you. I await your requests and your help.

Mary, Mother of Jesus