Mary, Mother of Jesus

My dear children, it pains me to speak to you with a little bitterness, but if you try to put yourself in the place of certain mothers, you will understand better the way I speak.

I am very displeased with your behavior. My Son has given his life for you and you, how do you repay him? Yes, my dear children are sad because my speaking, my counsels, do not touch your hearts.

I tell you mothers: the suffering that comes from children, how do you live it? Some of you pray to the Father but most of you moan instead of recommending your own children to Him, who has given them to you.

Do you not understand that, more than anyone else, the one who can change and improve your uncomfortable situations is your Father? I am sad because you do not yet understand the essential. A child will never be able to go without his parents, so figure if all of you, children of God, can draw far from Him.

I pray you, you are surpassing every limit. I invite you, above all, to pray with fervor for your priests. The Church is the house of God, but if they do not respect it first, where will they lead you?

Pray, then, and fast for them because your good depends exclusively on your consecrated ones. I am with you. I love my priests very much and intercede for their salvation.

Help me – they are your true guides and must return to respecting the will of God. Dear children, make chains of prayer. Do not wait any longer. Time is pressing and without your guides, you risk eternal salvation.

I am counting on you. Pray and have others pray for priests and for all those consecrated. I love you; decide for God.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary, Love and Purity

My dear children, pray – pray – pray if you want your lives to change. I embrace you and give you my love but many of you no longer want to know of it or the love of Jesus, and so much the less of mine.

I implore you, invite those you know to pray. If you do not ask our help seriously, you will risk your freedom.

You do not understand that your Creator is Unique. Only He knows your true needs, and the only way that you have to get through your days with love is that of asking the help of your Savior.

I, as a mother, know that you are destroying yourselves and I want to do something about this bitter end of yours. Dear children, stop acting as if you yourselves guide the hand of He who can do all things.

Be more humble. Recognize that without God you cannot change even a comma in your life. Be grateful; respond with a “yes” to the commandments that you have as a guide.

You can do nothing if you keep drawing far from the laws of God. Put humility in first place in your actions and you will see the people around you change.

Love must occupy first place in your thoughts and in your actions. Cunning does not serve to get what you need. Your Father knows your needs more than you yourselves.

Entrust your life and that of those dear to you to Jesus who, in his love for his Father, will console you, give you certitude and fullness of joy. I still intercede for you, but you must decide to love each other.

Mary, Love and Purity

Jesus, Crucified Brother

My Mother is here, in your midst. Dear children, you do not yet realize how important her presence among you is. Understand that the times in which you are living are the most difficult since creation.

Our return among you cannot be extended for much longer. You have been too much put to hard trials by the bitter enemy. Never let your daily bread be lacking from prayer, otherwise you will not be able to do it on the spiritual level.

I am always present on your earth. My Spirit defends you in every corner, even the most hidden, otherwise you would not be able to raise your head.

My Sacrifice is repeated on your altars every day, but where are you? Because you do not understand that your need for Me is essential for living through the day.

I pray you, my children, wake up from this sleep. Begin to draw close to the sacraments, especially to confession, to be able then to receive me in your beating hearts needful of my love.

Speak of Me to your brethren. Bear witness with your works to how important my love is for living in peace. The love to which I have borne witness from the Cross, let it fill today your hearts and give you the strength to be able to go forward as I desire.

I want you always gathered in prayer. The cenacles of my Mother must be your bread of life. Remember that, without prayer, your life would remain sterile and empty.

Let my blessing multiply your need to praise your God, sanctify you so that the spiritual life fill your hearts.

Peace to you and to your families.

Jesus, Crucified Brother

Mary, Powerful Mother

Mary, your Mother and of all of you, is here and blesses this cenacle of prayer.

My dearest children, your prayers still retain a breathable climate. I tell you, continue without delay to unite yourselves in prayer if you wish to breathe on the spiritual level, otherwise the serpent will take your breath and at that point he would no longer give you peace.

My dear children, I am always with you. Otherwise, you would be taken and made his prey. Listen to me: the truth comes before all. Do not seek to justify the one who runs with hare and hunts with the hounds, because this would not be possible. You must decide, for Jesus or for Satan.

Do not beat around the bush. The word of God is One. Respect it, otherwise your life will come to a brutal end. I pray you, remain in the truth. I know for certain that it will not be easy, but in critical moments, think about the crucifixion of my Son and entrust to Him your life. All will be for you more bearable.

I will never leave you. Let this be the certainty that renders your difficulties more bearable. Remember to offer your sacrifices to Jesus. Offer them above all for the suffering Church and be certain of the final Triumph of the Church of my Son.

I love you, my dear children. And a Mother, you know well she offers herself for all her children. It is up to you to choose the most correct way to arrive at eternal life.

I want you all with me. Help each other and you will triumph. I bless you, I defend you, I protect you. Be light for your blind and deaf brethren.

May Jesus be always in your hearts.

Mary, Powerful Mother