Jesus, Merciful

My dear children, do not weep over past things. Think and live in the present, promising yourselves perseverance of heart.

Prayer must be the most precious thing that animates your life in every moment, your living in the will and mercy of Jesus. Promises do little good if they are not kept.

My dear children, do not make promises that are then hard to maintain. Little things, little sacrifices, little works once kept are worth more than a great promise not satisfied.

Work in your little heart with humility. It often happens that one desires great conquests, great goals, but I who see in your hearts desire nothing more than your real possibilities.

Remember, though, that that which is worth most is perseverance, abiding by what one promises. Make little steps, but walk without abandoning the way. Slowly, even with a bit of fatigue, does one arrive at the finish line.

Without blazing ahead, but with good will, you will arrive at the highest point, at the summit that you had determined. Be persevering in all that you promise yourselves and you will be happy with the results obtained.

Always begin with small doses, then slowly increase, and you will see and reach great results. Sometimes it can be enough just to utter a simple expression from the depths of the heart, a simple Hail Mary thinking about the love of your Heavenly Mother, a small prayer full of meaning to your Father. You will realize, in time, how important perseverance is.

Repeat the name of Jesus, wearing yourselves out with love in naming this name. I assure you that you will succeed in moving my Father and your Father. Be persevering, then; with constancy you will go very far. Small prayers and acts of love, but often.

I bless you.

Jesus, Merciful

Jesus, Safe Harbor

I love you. Your Jesus, whom you have crucified and whom you continue to crucify today, is here to remind you how much he loves you. Love must triumph in every heart if you wish to take up again the way without fear of stumbling. I am your certainty, I am your security, I am your life.

How many corpses are walking in your cities! My daughter, I do not want to show them to you, otherwise you would never again set foot outside your house, not even to come to me to keep company before the monstrance.

Tell your brethren to open their hearts to me. I will take up again my place in them and will fill them up again with my Spirit of Love. Fear not; it is true that in this moment the negative part of each of you is winning, but I assure you that soon will come the day in which each of you will recognize me and return to my flock in safety.

There will be no more violence, there will exist no more diseases, you will no longer walk with the fear of being assaulted, because the impure one will have ended his time. I love you and will no longer allow that he supply you with evil.

Listen to the voice of my priests, those who obey me and can still feed you with my Body. Have compassion on those consecrated to me who are weak in temptation. I ask you to help them with your prayers.

I am with you, not because of your merits, but because my Father wants to regain all his children. He has created you for eternal joy, to experience true joy, true love, and he wants that each of you take up again that place in heaven that waits for you.

Pray, my children. Your weapon will defend you and the devil will not prevail over you. I bless you. Carry my peace and my joy to all your brethren who do not yet know me and who have forgotten me.

Peace be with you. Remember that I am the victor.

Jesus, Safe Harbor

Mary, Help of Christians

Dear children, I have called you because we are gathering all of you who believe and profess our Creed.

I, your Mother, need you. For this reason I have called you this evening in this Cenacle. Welcome all your brethren who need the love of my Son but who have lost the way.

I ask you, dear children, evangelize these children of mine who live in the shadows. Make them recognize the Light, console without reproving. Often whoever does not know the love of Jesus does not have any fault, but has only known poor, weak, and non-believing people. Make yourselves little before these brethren needful of love. Lead them to the Divine Mercy in such a way that they might reconcile with themselves and with God.

The times in which you are living are very difficult, but I who am your Mother are here to gather all my children who have lost the sense of direction.

This evening, I entrust you with these lost sheep. Have them drink at the Fount of Divine Mercy, speak to them only of love, that love that will give meaning to their life again.

Dear children, I bless you, your families, the priests who are present. Tell them: love, forgive, bless.

My Jesus is always with you. Follow his steps.

Mary, Help of Christians

Mary, Mother of Love

My daughter, I am Mary, the Mother of Love. Love, what a great definition; to this little word are given so many meanings, but in truth you do not yet know its true meaning. Love, before all, is to do the will of God.

In his Will, love is fulfilled in all of its facets. When one says “I love you,” one should pay much attention. Peter, who had understood the meaning of this word in responding to Jesus, did not have the courage to respond “You know that I love you,” but held himself to saying, even three times, “You know that I care for you” [Sai che ti voglio bene].

Know, my so dearly beloved children, that love means to give one’s life. My Son is the Only One who can claim “I love you.” Your love will never be totally demonstrated until you give your life for love. You can, even must, prove yourselves to love. I am trying to teach you some ways of loving.

Remember, first of all, that whoever loves, in the true sense of the word, is ready to give his life, to give his life not only on the physical level, but above all in a spiritual way.

For example, if in the family you attempt to put such a love into action, begin by dying to yourselves. Before thinking about your needs, think about satisfying those of the whole family. It is thus as well in the workplace and those places where your carry out other duties.

To love my Son, this could be enough, to do his will. But one could give more. The Holy Mass must be your first thought. Within this rite, Jesus gives himself to you totally. You could say in that moment, that is, when you receive him, “I, Jesus, love you and want to love you more every day.”

There, this is the best way to show love, among yourselves, between you and Jesus. To love means to give oneself unconditionally. It doesn’t mean thinking about it, but acting instinctively, obeying your heart.

I love you. If you ask anything of me in the name of Love, you will obtain it. I bless you.

Mary, Mother of Love

Jesus, the Eucharist

Do you still marvel? Do you not know that when I speak to you, I speak with knowledge? Yes, now I propose it again to you: in that Particle that you received this morning, your Divine Master was present alive and true. This has nothing to do with a simple piece of bread like some would like to show.

This is why I have wanted to stop on this point with you. My Body and Blood is contained in that piece of bread. There will be times in which even the men who belong to my Church will tell you that in that consecrated Host my Body is not present, but only a memory, to remember precisely my birth in the world.

I am speaking with you so that you be ready to give witness, that in that Consecrated Bread, it is I, Alive and True. You must defend your Jesus from those who, lying, say that that Particle is nothing more than a memory.

Do not find yourselves unprepared. I am your Divine Master, I am alive among you, I have given my life for you on that Cross, but am risen and I do not draw far from my children, not even for a moment.

Draw close to my table often. Feed yourselves with my true Body, quench your thirst with the chalice of my Blood, in the certitude that I will dwell in your heart.

My Father allows me to appease the hunger of all the children who believe in Me. I will preserve you from every evil, because I am alive in you and the evil one will remain far. He will not tempt you and will never win.

I am with you. Feed yourselves more often with my Body and Blood, because only in this way can your drive away satan and the other evil spirits who now as much as ever act in the world to snatch your souls away from me.

The Eucharist is true Food and true Drink. I, Jesus, affirm this now and always. I bless you, my dear children. Make communion and do not be afraid, I am true life. Whoever eats of Me will not die, but will live forever.

Blessed are you who believe in my Word.

Jesus, the Eucharist