Mary, Most Chaste Mother

You call upon me as “Immaculate,” but do you understand what this means? My such beloved children, I want you to think more, even about your behaviors. My Immaculateness begins with my purity of spirit, and then even of the body.

My children, I do not pretend that your bodies remain pure. You mothers understand what I am saying. But when I speak with you, my daughters, I mean “pre-matrimonial purity!”

This purity remains unnamed. An impure act means precisely this. My daughters, I turn to you. Take up again living in chastity until the day of your wedding. I tell you that sin brings only negativity.

Your children, born from an impure act, come from sin and certainly sin does not bring purity. You understand that only a fully-aware confession brings you back to peace with God.

I speak to you, my daughters, but also my sons are in mortal sin if the act of conception comes about before the matrimonial blessing. Too many impure acts bring as much negativity in your life.

Pray that your young ones come to their marriage in purity of body and soul. I tell you that such wars would not have happened. I am your Mother. Listen to me, at least in these last times. Purify your bodies, in addition to the absolute purification of the spirit.

I bless you. Be pure. Let me purity be your example.

Mary, Most Chaste Mother

Mary, She Who Will Win

My children, I thank you, because you are always on time for our appointment.

I am always waiting for you with such love. In these times that are difficult for you, I will be ever closer to you so that you do not lose hope.

Pray more, even on a personal level. My Son never leaves you, but if you implore him, he will be ever closer to you. You see how wars are born suddenly and my children forget, in that moment, what fraternal love means.

Be aware that all this does not come from God, because you merit to be punished for your acts of disobedience, but all that brings negativity and wickedness is from the devil, who is born after you place yourselves at his total disposition.

Repent, my dearest children. Do acts of penitence and ask forgiveness to your Father, who has been waiting, for so long, for your return to Him. If you do not repent and ask forgiveness, wars will continue to claim innocent children.

Pray for those who govern you, so that they repent of all the carnage they are reaping every day for Satan and his initiates. I am suffering greatly. You mothers understand. Pray, then, and have others pray, so that life begin again, justly, to win against the deaths procured by the evil one.

Dear children, I love you and can no longer close the hand of your Father. I ask you, therefore, for prayers that come from the bottom of your heart and that they be gifts that arrive before your Father in reparation.

Mary, She Who Will Win

Your Loving Mother

Yes, my daughter, I want to inflame you with love for Jesus.

The times in which you are living are truly very hard. I hope that all this worry bring you to prayer and to peace.

Wars, remember, never lead to peace. Only prayer to your Savior can change your tears into a smile. I am always with you, but unfortunately most of your brethren still live in sin, far from God.

I speak, and you who understand my words have intuited that without love for God you are not going anywhere. Pray and make others pray, otherwise wars will lead to sorrow and division among you.

I tell you: love more, above all those whom you consider enemies! I know very well that I am asking much, but I pray you, listen to me, otherwise the devil will play his cards, facilitated by your unloving behavior.

Dear children, time is shortening. You are at the showdown. Obey my requests and your Father will still give you the last times of possibility.

Draw near to the sacraments, make use of sacramentals, use holy water to greet your friends and relatives and Satan will draw far from you. Temptations are the way that lead to Satan. For this reason, abandon that kind of path and begin that which the saints have walked before you.

My dear children, pray, pray, pray. You will see your paths become less tiring. I am with you. Ask me for the help you need.

I bless you.

Your Loving Mother

Your Sorrowful Mother

My such beloved children, you ask me, “Pray for us sinners,” but do you really pray it from the bottom of your heart? I always listen to your prayers, but are you aware of what you are asking me?

Perhaps you pray while thinking of other things. You must see for yourselves how much I intercede for you, for your families, and for the whole world. You are, unfortunately, truly living in difficult moments. War has taken the place of peace and you live in fear and weeping.

Now repeat the question, “Do I pray for you?” My children, if I did not intercede for you, your world would disappear and most of you, its inhabitants, would find yourselves suffering the pains of hell.

Dear children, do not allow yourselves any more to play with fire, because if you continue to behave in this way, your eternal dwelling will be suffering. I pray you, think about what you are preparing for beyond this world, with your hands.

My children, unfortunately most of your brethren do not think about tomorrow. I pray you, put true prayer first in your life. Offer sacrifices for your rebellious brethren to the Word of God. Pray for the young who do not understand what they are risking by abandoning Holy Mass.

Pray, my children. I will continue to intercede for you, distracted and disobedient.

Your Sorrowful Mother

Mary, Most Pure

My children, not those who say “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but those who do the will of God. My dearest children, I tell you this so that you understand that what you believe is good, but made by you, is not always the will of God.

Leave aside the things of the world if you want to obey your Creator. Every day, you lose yourselves in earthly wanderings and let pass by the things of heaven.

I, your Mother, seek in every way to inculcate in your heart what God wants from you.

Redemption will be for all who obey the will of God. I ask you, pray with your heart, accompanying your prayer with concrete love for your brethren, above all for those who are far from the grace of God.

The times are drawing to completion. Seek to obey all the commandments of God that have been given you to show you the right way.

My children, so dear to my heart, help me to convert the many hearts who are far from God, otherwise it could be too late. On your earth there no longer exists good example. Everywhere one lives in lies, in wicked example, and in scandal. Make a choice for God, otherwise it will be too late.

Fratricidal war will increase and then you will have no more time for repentance of your sins. My children, listen to these words of mine and make them yours. Live by giving good example and by filling your hearts with love for the Father and the Son, so that there comes down upon you the forgiveness of God.

With maternal love,

Mary, Most Pure