Jesus, Merciful

My daughter, repeat with me: Jesus, I trust in you – Jesus, I trust in you – Jesus, I trust in you.

Do you understand what I am about to ask you? You have arrived at a point from which you can go no further unless you are with me, trusting in my mercy. Or, you close off, with a life that will become each day more difficult and unbearable.

What could I suggest to you to make your heart of stone beat again? You are like automatons who have lost the road, but who have no intention of returning to walk in the light.

I continue to repeat to you that only with prayer will you succeed in giving meaning to your life. The means of communication fill your head with thousands of absurdities, but how you do not understand that the only thing that can help you is to run back to the infinite goodness of God, patient and merciful!

I tell you, you will no longer escape from this crisis if you do not decide to open your hearts, asking pardon for all your sins. If, dear children, I have said sins, then beat your chests, repenting bitterly, offering to your God fasting for all that draws you far from Him: sins of impurity, sins of the tongue, not keeping holy the feast day, pride in feeling like master of the world, immoderate power as cause of injustice.

How many of my children are dying of hunger in the world because they are throwing food in the garbage! You must render an account of hunger in the world and above all of that hunger, even more serious, that many souls suffer on the spiritual level.

I will demand an account of each evil act that you will have caused to every fellow person. Dear children, pray for these brethren who are starving my flock. I bless you. Remain united in the prayer that will illuminate these days of total darkness.

Repeat often the ejaculatory prayer that I have suggested to you.

Jesus, Merciful

Mary, the Woman Clothed with the Sun

Dear children, the woman clothed with the sun, crowned with twelve stars, is She who will crush the head of the ancient serpent and finally, all of her children who believe in the Word of my Son, will be the victors.

Do not worry about these times, full of confusion, but be armed always with my weapon and you will be seized with serenity and hope for the things that will come. Jesus is he who can do all things. If you know how to ask with trust, you will be enriched with every grace.

It is a time of suffering but remember that after the storm the rainbow shines in its brilliant colors. I love you, I am always with you, I am your Mother and I will instruct you everywhere, so that each of you may find the right way.

Fear not, no one can do you harm. Man can kill the body, but your soul, only Jesus can take it and put it in the place where you will only rejoice, forgetting all that belonged to the imperfection of the world.

You will rejoice, if with faith, you know how to live in spirituality and love. Remember, dear children, that that which you do not see now will become visible, crowning you with the beauty and goodness that belongs to the Only True and Holy Creator and Lord, God of the Universe.

My dear children, share with your brethren the good, worries, physical and spiritual pains, and make yourselves teachers and masters of the only truth that belongs to the Only True Trinitarian God.

I will bring you all with me. Persevere in doing good and you will be rewarded with eternal reward. Do not ever draw far from My presence. I am your certainty.

I bless you.

Mary, the Woman Clothed with the Sun

Jesus, Your Liberator

Peace to you, brethren, peace to you. If you are here it is certainly no accident. I have called you because I need each of you. I have called you by name and, solicitous, you have responded to me. My brethren, you will understand that all that is happening is the fruit of your sins. Not even in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah were such things exposed.

I need you greatly. Sin, up to now, overflows, and for this reason I urgently need your offerings, your sufferings, your fasting, your moments of adoration before my Pierced Heart.

To see such a massacre is mortifying, but how can your brothers not understand that they are playing with fire? The demons are stocking up on souls that are offering themselves, in particular, in black masses.

It is not possible to go further in this way. You see how the demon enjoys himself. He gives them all that they ask, but right away he asks a higher price, a thousand times a thousand, that is, he demands life.

Carnal desires, those for power, desires for corruption, these are the principal sins that lead to death. My most dear brethren, understand that to combat all of this, I need you. I cannot allow that so many souls be lost in the depths of hell.

Pray that they might open to me their hearts of stone, and I thus be able to fill them with my Spirit. Times are terrible, sin makes itself master of everything. I pray you, arm yourselves with the weapon that my Mother has given you, and combat with power he who holds open the place of pain in order to make there enter as many souls as possible.

If you would only see what torments his prisoners must undergo! We cannot allow the loss of so many children of God. I promise you a place in my Kingdom if you do that which I have just asked you.

I bless you in the Sign of my Cross.

Jesus, Your Liberator