Mary, Mother of Tenderness

My dearest children, I come to you surrounded by my angels and archangels. Pray to them today in a particular way so that they be able to intercede for you before God.

Pray often, even at night, with hands joined. Pray for all those who risk going through the flames eternally into the fire of hell.

My such dear children, on your planet today one thinks only about what is unnecessary, never thinking about the eternity that will never pass away! You, my children, bear witness to Jesus with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is made man like you in order to bear witness that God is the Absolute Lord of all things. Speak, dear children, of the times that will soon change and you will no longer be able to turn back.

Your good works will be the surest pass into your infinite life. I recommend to you my weakest children; not knowing the love that God has for them, they will be lost for eternity.

Encourage those who feel last and useless. Tell them that for me and for Jesus you have all a great importance. Do not forget that Jesus has given his life with his death on a Cross. This must make you reflect much.

I intercede perennially for you. I am sad for my children who are being lost. Do not waste your freedom. Soon, these times will be over. I hope that each of you merit the prize of eternal life.

Offer prayers and sacrifices and then you will see and enjoy the glory of God. I bless you, I love you, and I want all of you with Me. Peace to you and to your families.

Mary, Mother of Tenderness

Mary, Help of Christians

My dearest children, do you believe in your invocation, “Maranathà, come, Lord Jesus?” Then pray it more often and with more conviction.

You know well that these last times are more unique than rare. Beginning from the change of weather and of temperature, there is no longer a seasonal climate: rain or waiting [for rain], or flooding brings unending destruction.

And you, my dearest children, it is as if all of this does not come close enough to touch you. I suggest that you pray to God, recommending Him to act with his Holy Spirit and to heal all that you have made ill, beginning with the climate and ending with what nourishes you.

None of your countryside grows in the light of God. Your farmers turn to the skies to see if rain is lacking or presents itself with too much abundance.

Think, now, about being able to obtain what you need, deciding only with your intelligence. My dear children, you can never take the place of God. Pray to Him, instead, to forgive your aridity of heart.

Only if you turn to Him with humility can you take up anew your serene and happy life, full of every good from God. Ask forgiveness from the bottom of your heart. Offer him your sufferings. Take up again, at least on Sunday, receiving Jesus in your heart.

You only have a little time left, but I pray you, ask forgiveness for your many sins. On your own you can do nothing. With the help of God, you can still recover from your many mistakes.

Like a Mother, I must hurry you up. The times are truly drawing to completion.

Mary, Help of Christians

Sorrowful Mary

My such beloved children, with your prayers you are drying my tears. Never before, in these times after the death of my Son on the cross, have I shed so many tears. Your brethren are losing their head because the temptations of Satan are carrying them far from every good.

They do not understand that what appears to them as beautiful and good is diabolical and will lead them, very soon, to hell. Pray for these children of mine who are losing their head for the things of the world. It could be too late on the day in which they will render an account for having done everything wrong.

Dear children, the times in which you are living will put an end to such evil and you, finally, my children of peace, you will be able to proclaim the truth of the Gospel.

Pray, bear witness with your good actions that, even in the suffering that the world offers, one can find joy, that joy that can come only from heaven.

My Son suffers a new Cross and I, his Mother, weep at seeing all that you are living through. Only prayer and the mercy of God can give flavor to your insipid and bitter days.

Let the Eucharist be your strength. Feed every day on the Body of Jesus and you will have no reason for suffering, doubts, bitterness, and adversity. Jesus will lighten your spiritual and bodily suffering.

Offer, instead, your sufferings for these brethren of yours who otherwise will head into the depths of hell. Pray and praise God, the Good and Faithful Master.

I bless you and protect you. Dedicate your time to prayer and you will draw benefits and graces for you and your families.

Sorrowful Mary

Mary, Most Holy Mother of Joy

My dearest children, today is a time of joy for you as well, the memorial of my birth, but I tell you: I wish you, each of you, my children, eternal rest! I already see your faces darkening, because you are used to reciting this prayer for your dearly departed.

No, dear children, I am not wishing you death but life, true life, that where joy makes itself master.

My such beloved children, you yourselves desire rest. I see in each of you such tiredness. You wish yourselves at each moment well-earned rest, so I am wishing you that joyful rest, full of all the beautiful things and goodness that life, true life, can offer you.

My such beloved children, the time of your joy is drawing near. Pray that the Father might send to you the Son and Me, and thus begin a life totally filled with joy. You see how the times in which you are living are becoming more difficult and sorrowful for all of you, young and less young.

Pray, I tell you, in such a way that your Father who is in heaven shorten these terrible times and finally give you joy, happiness, tranquility, goodness, and all that can make you savor true love.

You can be glad in joy only when peace reigns among you. Then, you can say: Today, finally, I taste true joy, that joy that, until now, Satan has negated.

Dear children, I love you. Just a little while longer and then true joy will come to you. I bless you. Help me with your prayers and your sacrifices to regain many of many children. Let love and joy be always with you.

Mary, Most Holy Mother of Joy

Mary, Merciful Mother

Do not let life’s difficulties cloud your spiritual side. Jesus teaches you that if you listen to his Word, you will have nothing to fear.

I tell you that, soon, your life will change. Have no fear if someone speaks to you about the end of the world, but remain calm. It will be no end, but it will launch a new era for you. Jesus will return among the living and the dead and your life will have no more end.

Jesus, with Me and our angels, will gladden your life and will change your existence. The terrible times will have their end in order to make room for joy, for happiness, and for the tranquility of the Spirit.

You will be united as never before. Love will crown your decisions and your every desire. I will be with you, the sweetest mother who will give to each child all the good that he needs.

Evil will no longer exist and each of you will rejoice in the good and in mutual love. You will have no more need to backbite your brethren to feel more capable, but you will help your neighbor to improve his life.

My such beloved children, the days to come will wipe out from your minds all the brutalities that this earthly life has given you. Death will no longer be the most undesirable event of your existence.

Pray that Jesus come soon among you. The good will be rewarded and will be able to enjoy eternal joy. Pray that each of you be able to ask forgiveness from the bottom of your heart for all your wicked actions.

I bless you, I protect you, and I will defend you from every calamity.

Mary, Merciful Mother