Mary, Liberator

Dear children, what can I yet do for you? More than speak of and bear witness to my love for you? Dear children, wake up from this satanic slumber, otherwise you will be lost forever and hell will be your last dwelling.

I have spoken to you for so long, I have implored you, prayed with you, I have suggested to you words with which to pray to Jesus, but you have not listened to my words. Pay attention, because it could be truly too late for you.

All that you do is always and only for your poor world and you do not understand that you can only enjoy true life, only and totally when you will finally have reached the eternal dwelling.

Poor humanity, so far from the truth and the love of God! Convert, I tell you. Time is drawing to a close. Your world will have to face its end and for you, poor humans, sons of God, there will finally arrive eternal prize or punishment.

Wake up, I repeat to you. Pray, pray, pray. Only thus will you be able to face the difficult trials that the world will present to you without reduction.

I, your Mother, have always spoken to you with clarity. You can no longer say, “I did not understand.” You can only overcome the coming trials with the help of Jesus and Me. Wake up, it is no longer time for sleeping!

I am still with you, but seek to merit this last help of mine. I no longer know how to remind you of it. I bless you. Open your hearts, your minds, and above all the spiritual part of you. May Jesus be with you, now and forever.

Mary, Liberator

Your Most Beloved Mother

My such beloved children, I have gathered you here so that when your times have reached fulfillment you might bear witness that all my words, which I have given you, are truthful. My children, I am She who will crush the head of the ancient serpent and all will be fulfilled, in this way, in glory.

You must not be afraid of all that to your eyes appears negative because Jesus makes use of every means of coming even to the last of his children. You are my beloved ones. I know that I can still count on you and that, with no fear, you will carry out all that I will suggest to you.

Listen and, by means of my messages, speak to your brethren without taking or adding anything to my words. Jesus will still make use of Me. Like every Mother I can come to you, my children, certain that you will put my suggestions to good use.

Do not believe the negative things that they say. They serve only to put you in line. Jesus is He who will put in line every child of his, and then he will give to each according to his merits, eternal prize or pain.

Let this be clear: do not misunderstand me, because when you get down to the nitty-gritty you will not be able accuse anyone else of your errors. Pray, my dear children. I am here to listen to all your requests and to present them to the Holy Spirit of God.

I am She who will smash the head of the ancient serpent and he will be destroyed for eternity. Dear children, seek to merit the prize that leads to rejoicing, blessed eternity with us. I bless you and embrace you maternally.

Your Most Beloved Mother

Mary, Lady of the Wait

Yes, my dear children, keep praying with these words: Come, Lord Jesus. I am also with you; my Son is leaving me with you for yet a little while, otherwise, in these dark times, you would be lost at every step.

You know well that you are living through the last times on your planet, but this must not cause you sorrow or lament because the times that will be come to an end will leave open the way to our coming among you.

Dear children, I want and desire ardently that each of you occupy the place that belongs to you from the beginning. We will finally be able to pray and give thanks together. God the Father has had the goodness of covering you with his Spirit to protect you from the negativity of Satan.

My dear children, I love you so much and cannot wait for much longer to take all of you in a single embrace. I, who am the mother of all humanity, desire that my time become your time.

Jesus is about to complete his step. The heavens will open to complete their work, that which is to make us cross the last obstacle that divides us. Our embrace will change many shattered hearts will heal many wounds.

Be alert. That which surrounds you will no longer be distrust, suffering, bitterness, and sorrow, but each of you will be able to count on the loyalty of another, on joy, on the sweetness of every lip that parts only to praise, bless, render Hosanna to He who has given his life on that Cross.

Dear children, you will not have to wait for much longer, and so I tell you: Be ready. That for which you have been waiting for a long time will come to pass. Pray and offer sacrifices for your non-believing brethren.

I bless you and promise you peace, joy, love.

Mary, Lady of the Wait

Mary Immaculate

My daughter, I come to you in order to inflame your hearts, but are you opening your hearts to listen to the Word of God?

You cannot continue to live in this way. There is no more place for Jesus in you. You are overburdened with the things of the world. We are suffering for each of you; where are you going?

Your churches are empty. There exist no more “faithful,” but people who go to Mass out of habit. Be more aware, recognize your errors, ask forgiveness for all your faults, opening your true heart to the Son of God.

When you pray, seek not to be distracted. Satan is working like never before in order that my children open wide the doors of their hearts to him, Lucifer, he who hates human beings, who are created by the hands of God.

Dear children, I address you: bear witness to the Word of God. There are no other books that speak of the truth of the Church. The Holy Gospel, written by my Apostles, is the true Word of God. Do not let yourselves be turned away by other mundane words.

Dear children, I recommend you to open the Gospel of John, Mark, Luke, and Matthew. Only thus will your witness become true. Bear witness that the Word of God is one.

You have come to speak to Me, Mary Most Holy, like any other woman, forgetting that I am the Mother of Jesus, Son of God. I still count on you, my dearest children. Do not disappoint me and I will lead you to my Son, Jesus. I bless you.

Mary Immaculate

Mary, Mother Most Pure

My daughter, do you no longer remember what I asked you the first time I spoke to you?

I want to remind you of it, my daughter. I need your sufferings. The world is changing and my children would be damned if someone of good will did not help me by offering to my Son her sufferings for the salvation of those brethren most weak and disobedient to the Word of God.

I am sorry for all that you are suffering, but I pray you, do not abandon me. You are a great help to me. I need you. Continue, therefore, on the path that you began to walk so many years ago.

I cannot assure you that, from now on, your life will change and that you will no longer have to suffer, but I assure you that, in suffering, I will be close to you and will sustain you.

I will need other souls who help me with prayer, but I see how difficult it is even for you in these times. Continue to be close to me. Support me with your Cenacles of prayer in these last times and I assure you, you will not regret it.

Today, I who pray to you, be close to me. I am your Mother; how could you live without my love? From now on, pray and fast, offer your sufferings for the salvation of those dear to you and all your non-believing brethren.

I love you so much. I will never abandon you. In these last times I will be even closer to you. I will pray the Almighty that he might shorten your sufferings. Time will draw to a close and we will finally rejoice together in the love of God.

Believe in Me. I will not leave you to the mercy of the devil. I bless you. I will continue to defend you in temptation.

Mary, Mother Most Pure