Your Queen of Peace

Dearest children of mine, I am She who will carry her obedient children to the Father. You know well that only he who does the will of God will be able to enter into eternal dwellings. Certainly, yours will not be an easy way, but only by respecting the Commandments will you be able to live eternally next to He who Is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

You must no longer desire anything, because your Father will give you all that your Spirit desires. Dear children, be always ready, because you know neither the day nor the hour in which all in you will come to fulfillment.

Prepare yourselves. The times are coming by leaps and bounds. You yourselves are aware of how much life on earth is becoming little more than a trice. I am leading you as only the Mother of Jesus can do.

If you listen to my counsels, you will have nothing to fear. I will be near you, side by side. I will not let you change direction or that you be able to lose for very long the path of life, which is becoming every day more difficult.

Follow my steps and you will no longer worry, this I promise you. Do not set aside prayer for your families or for the whole world.

So many of my children have drawn far from God and struggle to find their way again. For this reason I need obedient children like you, who, with love, bring back your brethren to the only flock. I thank you and promise you all the good that you merit.

Dear children, have no fear for the negative things you see, but unite yourselves to my prayers and we will be a victorious force. I bless you.

Your Queen of Peace

Jesus, Who Died in Order to Rise

Dear children, your Jesus begins to live among people. He is not always welcome, but rather he is often derided and vilified. But he does not, for this reason, love his children less.

I tell you this so that you might understand that in the times to come, you must not love your brethren less who do not show themselves to be such with you. Goodness, charity, love, often do not go hand in hand on earth.

I tell you, love your enemy if you want to bear witness to my love. I have always shown to whoever seeks to deride me, that my Father has sent me among you, to make you know true love.

The times in which you are living are certainly not the best and, for this reason, you must demonstrate that where there is love, there will be peace.

Be benevolent with all. Help whoever needs you. Do not let your distraction avoid good and do evil. Be perfect as He who has sent me is perfect.

Love always and do not hate, because you will know disappointment and bitterness. You know well that my end would have been the Cross, but, my children, you will know my love if you are ready to embrace the cross as soon as it is presented to you.

The ancient serpent still uses falsehood today to make you fall into his snares. Be shrewd. In temptation run right away to prayer. Entrust your problems to my Mother and yours. be calm and sure that, near us, you are always safe.

Bear patiently whoever does not demonstrate love to you and your prize will be the beatific vision in heaven.

Jesus, Who Died in Order to Rise

Mary, Mother of Jesus

My dear children, today I want to bless all of your families. Always remember that everything, good or not, is born out of the family. You, mothers, love your children and you, fathers, educate your children, above all by giving them good example.

Often, you dear children of mine, even in old age, remember the words that your parents repeated to you. It goes without saying that if good seed is sown, good fruit will come.

In your families one no longer sees love, true love, for Jesus and all the good that Jesus gives you. Think well before educating your children. Don’t be in a hurry when you see that they need you, your counsels, your love.

Don’t tell them “I don’t have time now.” Remember that the children who have been given to you from on high and that one day must return on high, come before everything else.

Educate them, first of all, on a spiritual level. If they love God with respect, they will thus love their neighbor. Take example from Jesus; he has given his life for all his children, leaving all the rest for later.

The young need good guides to be able to become them for their children. It is not hard to teach in the right way; obeying the word of God, you will always go ahead securely. Love your children; if necessary, always take them back with love and you will certainly have good results.

Pray before words come out of your mouth, because errors could cost you too much the second time around. Pray together in your families and you will see that your words come out correctly, in the right moment.

I embrace you maternally.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary, Mother of the Wait

Dear children, your Mother will always console you. It is important that you trust me as the most understanding of mothers. You cannot go much down the path without my help. Be aware that the times through which you are walking are decisive for your future.

Do not trust your great ones, be they politicians or not. You have no need of their vain counsels. My children, entrust to me your hearts, your families, your work, all your interests and, only then, will you be able to live in serenity.

I know all of you. I know you more than you yourselves do. For this reason, I ask you to trust me with the certainty of having your shoulders covered and protected. Live in prayer. You know well that only by trusting your Father will you be able to live not happily, I say, but in serenity.

Sicknesses can be healed if you entrust yourselves completely to Us. Jesus protects you and is ready to defend you in every moment.

Do not let this pandemic change your hearts and your certitude in us. You know very well that your well-being depends exclusively from on high. The things of the world will pass away, but true life will never pass away.

Your happiness will be eternal if you have the strength to struggle against the things of the world. I squeeze you in my arms, I love you, I want to be close to you already now.

You do not see me now but I assure you that your joy will be great when you finally are able to enjoy my maternal embrace. Have faith. All of this that you are enduring will soon pass away.

Do not waste your time. I embrace you and wait for you to enjoy your company in heaven.

Mary, Mother of the Wait