Jesus of Mercy

My daughter, so dear to my Heart, I am your Jesus of Mercy. Consider yourselves fortunate children, because you have God the Father and his Son, who let himself be crucified for your salvation.

I want to speak to you like I did with our first apostles. Dear children, I can say that in these times I have had few children who believe in Me, but today, my children who once believed in Me, they have shrugged their shoulders, and do you know why?

The things of the world, for them, have more importance than the Son of God, He who has given his own life for the salvation of his children.

Dearest children, I wish that your next prayers be addressed to my Father, precisely for the salvation of my children who are lost by preferring the useless things of the world.

I can tell them that you are at the end of these most brutal times, and then I and my Most Holy Mother will return to save from hell all our children who will make themselves known as true children of God.

I ask this of you because your hearts are open to love. I, dear children, need lovable children like you, who do not tire of recommending to me your children and all those who are far from God.

I thank you now, because I read your hearts, your affirmative responses. I want to find, in my next, second coming, all my children obedient to my Father.

Dear children, make yourselves apostles of peace and will embrace you at my second coming. I bless you with my promise of eternal salvation. I, Jesus, bless you in the name of the Father, in my Name, and that of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Jesus of Mercy

Mary, Your Only Mother

My dear children, few of you remain, those who love me with all your heart. I will keep suggesting to you how you must behave in the days to come. You already know that the last times will be difficult to live through, but you were certainly not expecting all the negative things that you are living through.

On the other hand, the Gospel has already and always put you on watch that in the last times all will be overturned. Your earth, up to now, has been ruled by Satan, but only because you, with your behavior, permit him.

I do not address you who are praying, but most of your brethren, not even if they pass in front of the door of a church, do not think to enter and make a brief greeting to Jesus in the tabernacle.

There will yet come times more difficult for you who believe, but then all will change with our coming on earth. Dear children, continue to pray that your brethren convert.

I love you. I am near you and will not let Satan tempt you more than you can handle. Pray and never forget to pray for your priests. Many are in difficulty because of all the changes that are happening in the liturgy, above all regarding the Holy Mass.

Remember, God is One and Jesus remains his Only Son. I, Mary, have always obeyed, first the Father and then the Son, without ever doubting the “Word.” Imitate my behaviors and you will be saved.

Pray, love, and offer yourselves to God for those dear to you. I embrace you, I bless you, I protect and defend you.

Mary, Your Only Mother

The Immaculate of the Blues Roses, Your Protector

I am with you all the days of your life. I protect you and defend you from temptations, otherwise, without my defense, hell would be opened for you.

These times do not let you live a life in hope. All that appears before you leads you to lose all hope. Pray, dear children of mine. You can never save your lives without prayer.

Satan is the master in most of your souls, my children. I beg you, pray more and implore the coming of my Son. Otherwise, you will be worn out by the evil one who, with his temptations, makes look beautiful and good what is, in truth, sinful toward God and toward your neighbor.

How many temptations, dear children, do you have on your earth! Wherever you go, you are persecuted in malevolent and sinful ways. Where can you enjoy a good example, if TV, newspapers, etc. are now under satanic temptation?

You will no longer enjoy good examples, but every passing day you must defend yourselves from the wicked examples that fill the whole world.

Pray, fast, retire in solitude, so that you allow us to visit you and help you overcome the temptations that grip your heart and your mind.

Pray that the time that separates you from the next coming of Jesus draw short and free you from all the slaveries that oppress you from morning until night.

I bless you. Run often to my consolations.

The Immaculate of the Blue Roses, Your Protector

Mary, Mother of All Peoples

I am the Mother of all peoples. So many of my children do not know me because they do not want to know me. Do not believe it when they tell you, “But she doesn’t exist,” because I am the Mother of Jesus first of all. Otherwise, none of you would exist.

I am the Mother, she who has suffered for her son under the cross. Dear children, Jesus is raised from the dead and you will do likewise. I know that so many children do not believe in eternity, but soon they will be aware that all that I have spoken to you for so long is pure and holy truth.

My children, I tell you, make your brethren understand that time is drawing short and if they do not hurry up to recognize Jesus and convert, there will be no more escape. Eternal suffering awaits them in their closing of eyes and heart.

Pray that many of your brethren convert. In this way, the gates of Paradise will open even for them. All that you are living through in the world will remain of the world, but if you live in the Spirit, eternal life will be your joy. I pray for each of you, above all for those who insist on their “non-belief.”

I count on you, on the love you have for your brethren made in the same way in which Jesus has loved all his children. I love you so much and am pouring out so many tears for my disobedient children before the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Pray that my tears be not poured out in vain. I bless you.

Mary, Mother of All Peoples