Jesus, Your Liberator

Peace to you, brethren, peace to you. If you are here it is certainly no accident. I have called you because I need each of you. I have called you by name and, solicitous, you have responded to me. My brethren, you will understand that all that is happening is the fruit of your sins. Not even in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah were such things exposed.

I need you greatly. Sin, up to now, overflows, and for this reason I urgently need your offerings, your sufferings, your fasting, your moments of adoration before my Pierced Heart.

To see such a massacre is mortifying, but how can your brothers not understand that they are playing with fire? The demons are stocking up on souls that are offering themselves, in particular, in black masses.

It is not possible to go further in this way. You see how the demon enjoys himself. He gives them all that they ask, but right away he asks a higher price, a thousand times a thousand, that is, he demands life.

Carnal desires, those for power, desires for corruption, these are the principal sins that lead to death. My most dear brethren, understand that to combat all of this, I need you. I cannot allow that so many souls be lost in the depths of hell.

Pray that they might open to me their hearts of stone, and I thus be able to fill them with my Spirit. Times are terrible, sin makes itself master of everything. I pray you, arm yourselves with the weapon that my Mother has given you, and combat with power he who holds open the place of pain in order to make there enter as many souls as possible.

If you would only see what torments his prisoners must undergo! We cannot allow the loss of so many children of God. I promise you a place in my Kingdom if you do that which I have just asked you.

I bless you in the Sign of my Cross.

Jesus, Your Liberator