Mary, Woman of the Yes

My most dear children, you are my fragrant flowers. Continue to travel down the road that my Son has shown you and do not be afraid. Nature is in the process of rejecting the evil that has been done to it and for this reason, very soon, you will have to deal with so many kinds of food that will be lacking on your tables.

Pray, my children. Only in prayer will you find refuge and consolation. Be always near to Me, because your Mother will have the power to alleviate your sufferings.

Be always loving with all your brethren even when they offend you and do not recognize their own limits. Entrust yourselves always to the Holy Spirit, your trusted listener. On your own you will never succeed in getting where you want.

The road down which you are traveling will become more and more tortuous, but you, with our help, you will always succeed in overcoming every obstacle. I promise you my presence next to each one of you. Call upon my name and your heart will fill with joy.

Use my weapon every time you are in difficulty. Pray for my consecrated ones, that they be strong in temptation. You need them greatly, above all when you have to unload your faults.

Prayer never disappoints. Temptations sometimes seem insurmountable, but always have the certainty that you have a God who loves you. He will never let his children lack his blessings. Ask and it shall be given you. Have this certainty and your life will go forward with greater ease.

I bless you in the name of my Son with the promise never to abandon you.

Mary, Woman of the Yes