Mary, Queen of Peace

My children, listen to my voice, which guides you in the right paths. I know that you are all unhappy and worried, but I tell you to accept the great trials that you are experiencing. Offer them to my Son in expiation for the sins of all men who do not accept the will of God.

Today, most of children believe they know how to create all that they need. Dear children, it can never be this way. Take a step back, use your poor intelligence to welcome the goodness of God.

Goodness, magnanimity, courage, forgiveness, mutual comfort will bring you to accepting the laws of God. Be more humble; without Him who has given you life, you will lose yourselves in the meanderings of sin.

I am your sure guide because I have know and experienced in all my earthly life that the only thing to make happen is obedience to God. You are little and will never allow things greater than yourselves.

As soon as you have understood and experienced that only humility will make you great, will you be able to rejoice in the greatness of God. Embrace sister humility and peace with yourselves and with the whole world will be accomplished.

Wars are always born because man wants to take first place; he wants to command; he wants to place his brother under submission at every cost. My children, do what God wants and not what man demands, making use of bullying and wickedness.

Only God knows your needs and only He can satisfy them. In all humility ask and it shall be given. Ask first and foremost for peace, peace, peace.

I bless you and protect you.

Mary, Queen of Peace