Mary, Love and Purity

My dear children, pray – pray – pray if you want your lives to change. I embrace you and give you my love but many of you no longer want to know of it or the love of Jesus, and so much the less of mine.

I implore you, invite those you know to pray. If you do not ask our help seriously, you will risk your freedom.

You do not understand that your Creator is Unique. Only He knows your true needs, and the only way that you have to get through your days with love is that of asking the help of your Savior.

I, as a mother, know that you are destroying yourselves and I want to do something about this bitter end of yours. Dear children, stop acting as if you yourselves guide the hand of He who can do all things.

Be more humble. Recognize that without God you cannot change even a comma in your life. Be grateful; respond with a β€œyes” to the commandments that you have as a guide.

You can do nothing if you keep drawing far from the laws of God. Put humility in first place in your actions and you will see the people around you change.

Love must occupy first place in your thoughts and in your actions. Cunning does not serve to get what you need. Your Father knows your needs more than you yourselves.

Entrust your life and that of those dear to you to Jesus who, in his love for his Father, will console you, give you certitude and fullness of joy. I still intercede for you, but you must decide to love each other.

Mary, Love and Purity