Mary, Mother and Tenderness

Dear children, you ask for mercy in prayer but do you know the meaning of this word? I continue to repeat to you the words of Jesus: be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful.

If you ask, with the same measure you must be ready to give. Here is what this term means, so little in vogue among you. Be understanding with your neighbor, above all with those brethren who are less generous.

Your God is merciful, but above all just. With his justice he measures, first of all, your mercy: to love your neighbor, to teach within the family to behave with fairness and goodness, to go out to meet the brethren who have difficulty in using mercy.

Be loving and forget if your have suffered for evil received. Precisely in forgetting the actions that leave negative signs does one acquire that positivity that leads to forgiveness through mercy.

My dear children, you are confronting uncomfortable and difficult situations, especially if you demonstrate with your actions a preference for fairness to cunning, honesty to cunning. Remember that cunning and mercy are found at antipodes.

Do not make use of cunning, but live in fairness, synonymous with honesty. Be more welcoming. Mercy goes hand in hand with forgiveness. Be patient and never take back when you forgive. Feel yourselves victorious in love, forgetting deeply the evil received.

Jesus has been your master. Imitate him and you will receive from Him that mercy that forgets through excess of love. I love you, children. Be generous.

Mary, Mother and Tenderness