Mary, Mother Most Holy

My children, Easter is drawing near, but if I were to ask each of you what it means, most of my children, the youngest above all, would not know how to respond. Or, they would respond: it is the holiday where we find Easter eggs.

You understand, my dear children, where my youngest children have arrived. This is not to lift blame from the young, but their fathers and mothers will pay dearly this sin that offends my Son in his crucifixion.

I entrust to you to bear witness with works, especially with Sunday Mass and confession of grave sins, especially against the Most Holy Trinity.

I ask you: how many of you would sanctify this umpteenth crucifixion of my Son? Never before as in these times, which you call modern, is my Son offended in his Passion.

My children, you who understand how great is out suffering in these Easter days, offer us all your sacrifices. Pray, above all, for those who are without the grace of God.

Those who do not take stock of how important it is for their eternal life to sanctify the holidays, especially in this period of passion, will weep bitter tears.

You, dear children, pray this week, in particular, for the conversion of my beloved children who are crucifying Jesus for the umpteenth time.

I love you, my children, and will shelter you under my mantle from the wars of these times. Let the blessing of Jesus, crucified and risen, be upon all your families.

Mary, Mother Most Holy

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