The Immaculate of the Blues Roses, Your Protector

I am with you all the days of your life. I protect you and defend you from temptations, otherwise, without my defense, hell would be opened for you.

These times do not let you live a life in hope. All that appears before you leads you to lose all hope. Pray, dear children of mine. You can never save your lives without prayer.

Satan is the master in most of your souls, my children. I beg you, pray more and implore the coming of my Son. Otherwise, you will be worn out by the evil one who, with his temptations, makes look beautiful and good what is, in truth, sinful toward God and toward your neighbor.

How many temptations, dear children, do you have on your earth! Wherever you go, you are persecuted in malevolent and sinful ways. Where can you enjoy a good example, if TV, newspapers, etc. are now under satanic temptation?

You will no longer enjoy good examples, but every passing day you must defend yourselves from the wicked examples that fill the whole world.

Pray, fast, retire in solitude, so that you allow us to visit you and help you overcome the temptations that grip your heart and your mind.

Pray that the time that separates you from the next coming of Jesus draw short and free you from all the slaveries that oppress you from morning until night.

I bless you. Run often to my consolations.

The Immaculate of the Blue Roses, Your Protector

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