Mary, Your Only Mother

Here I am, my dear children. I cannot leave you alone, otherwise you would fall into the temptation of leaving prayer aside. I am near you whether in solitude or when you are among others and you are not thinking about solitude. Always be coherent. Remember that in every moment you are without Us, you will not get very far.

My son Jesus receives more blasphemies than prayers every day and I do not know what to do to help you. Most of my children have no more faith. They think only about earthly things, not realizing that heaven, for them, is much closer than they think.

Dear children, is it possible that it is so difficult for you to think about the afterlife? And yet you see how many people each day close their eyes no more to open them? Do you ask yourselves where your dear ones are going without leaving you any trace of what they are going to do?

Dear children, convert, I tell you, before it is too late. The times in which you are living will be the last for many of you, and you will not be able to go back.

Every passing day, you draw nearer to the end of time. For this reason, I repeat, convert and believe in the Word of God. Love each other and confess your sins in the confessional often.

My sons, the priests, greatly need your prayers. Offer to your Father small prayers and He will come to meet his dear consecrated ones. Be strong and do not let yourselves be taken by the fear of death, which will be for you true life.

Mary, Your Only Mother

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