Mary, the Immaculate Conception

I am your Most Holy Mother, and I come to you to celebrate my Immaculateness. Dear children, tomorrow you will celebrate my special day and I will pray with you to my Son, that he bring peace back into your hearts and into the whole world.

My immaculateness teaches you purity of heart. I am the Immaculate One. I have become the Mother of Jesus. I have suffered in his birth and then in his death on the cross!

Do not lament your small and great sufferings. Always remember that I, your Mother, have given you the example, above all in my great sufferings. I will suggest that tomorrow you celebrate me above all with the purity of your hearts.

Love each other as I have loved my Jesus. You, spouses and mothers, remember the purity of my heart, but above all physical purity. I am the Immaculate one, since the birth of Jesus is purity and chastity.

I have suffered and loved like no other human being. Remember that love is born by giving what one has and I have given Christ to you, He who then will give you, for the whole world, his life through the Crucifixion.

My dear children, so beloved, live out your days on earth like Jesus and I have taught you. Remember that by giving one’s life for others, it is the greatest gift of love that there is.

I love you so much. Tomorrow, show your love for Me by loving your brethren as much as possible. I bless you by praying to Jesus for all of you, my beloved children.

Mary, the Immaculate Conception

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