Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Yours

Dear children, how I love you! You look forward to the commemoration of Jesus’ birth from the bottom of your hearts. It is very beautiful for a Mother to see how much love you show for her son, Jesus.

You give me such joy and I will pray for all of your prayer groups, so that all your distant brethren, at least in this commemoration, remember my Son’s coming among you and pray to Him from the bottom of their hearts.

I count so much on group prayer. You cannot imagine how important this mode of prayer is for Me. It is true that personal prayer is important, but that in a group represents total love for me and my Son.

We are listening to you and we are happy to satisfy all your requests. Dear children, so many of your brethren will have salvation through your insistent requests before Jesus.

I love you so much, and for this reason I share your requests for the conversion of so many distant children of mine. Continue to intercede, on a spiritual level, for all your friends and acquaintances and I will present all this to Jesus.

In this time, in which you recall His birth, be more lovable toward my most distant children, and I believe that my Son will be, toward you, the Child of tender heart.

Thank you, my dear children. Continue to love those children of mine who are farthest from God.

I bless you, I thank you, and I love you evermore.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus and Yours

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