Mary, Consoler

My dearest children, remember one thing: “Obedience is holy.” Perhaps this saying has disappeared from your memory in these last times, but I want to remind you of it in these modern days.

Obey first Jesus, then your parents, then those who lead you to honor the Holy Spirit. I love you, but how many of you recognize the validity of the word “love”?

In these last times, everything is changed on your earth. No one loves anymore, no one forgives anymore, no one respects each other anymore. Everything is owed to you; unfortunately, that is not the case. One must merit before receiving.

Jesus, first of all, has merited the good of his children by giving his life for all of you. I advise you, seek to remember that my Son has given his life on the cross for each of you. He has offered himself, without “if” and without “but.” His infinite love has conquered all.

He has not picked out those for whom he has given his life; every child of his has been able to make use of his infinite love. My dear children, what can we yet do to show you how great our love is for you?

Do you not understand that as soon as you ask forgiveness for your sins, the Father is happy to give you his forgiveness? Confess again, then, all your failings and Paradise will open for you.

Mary, Consoler

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