Your Most Holy Mother Mary

I am with you and will never leave you for a moment. You mothers understand me. In the most difficult moments above all, you know well that she who loves her children would be ready to give her life for them. And I understand well how much we mothers would do for the well-being of our children.

I have shown you first how strong I have been at the foot of the Cross of my Only Son. Dear children, seek to speak to your children about Jesus, about his love, about his faithfulness.

He would have been able to live without passing through all these sufferings, but he has offered himself, unto giving his life on the Cross, precisely to bear witnes to how great a love he has for all of you.

I, your Heavenly Mother, invite you to walk your path without fear of what you could encounter along your way.

Remember that with love all the obstacles one encounters on the earthly path are overcome. Offer your sufferings always with love and Jesus will reward you upon your return from the frigid earth with His infinite love.

Dear children, draw near to Holy Communion. You will receive Jesus with your heart and pray to Him above all to save yourselves from all the dangers you encounter on your earthly journey. Your return to the Father will be the Eternal Reward.

I am near you, fear not. The times are drawing to a close and you will be rewarded with true life, eternal life before your Father.

Your Most Holy Mother Mary

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