Immaculate Mary

My dear children, I have gathered you here so that your prayers rise to heaven and that my Son, Jesus, hear you and bless you because, in these times, you need His Presence all the more.

I tell you, indeed, I urge you: pray all the more for my children who are disobedient to the laws of God.

They do not understand and, unfortunately, are not aware that, these being the last times for you, poor sinners, you will have to draw near more often and with more love to the altar of redemption.

I want to help you, but you must seek to understand that, never before as in these times, do you need forgiveness. Your Father shows you all the more how your life would be without His help.

You no longer seek the help of God, and your Father leaves you to the mercy of Satan. I am always ready to welcome your supplications, to present your needs to God, but you, my children, you forget all the more often that only from heaven can true help come to you.

Pray and fast if you want the recompense that will open the gates of Paradise to you. I implore you to pray and have others pray, because time is drawing short. I bless you.

Immaculate Mary

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