Mary, Queen of Peace

My dear children, in these times when pride has become your master, let us speak of how one can extinguish this feeling with that little word and that great humility that is called “forgiveness.”

In your hearts there reign many negative feelings that take away peace, but today let us reflect a moment on forgiveness. You often say, “Not hatred, but that person must stay far from me and my family.” My dear children, how should we call this feeling except “hatred”?

Let us learn, then, that only in forgiving one’s brother does one find that peace that fills the heart with joy. Do not wait, do not procrastinate when there is a brother who needs your forgiveness.

Remember how many times Jesus tells you to forgive, seventy times seven, that is to say, be always ready to forgive, thinking that the greater good will return to you. One cannot live peacefully if one does not succeed in giving forgiveness.

Be meek, refuse pride, love with the goodness that comes from the heart and you will be blessed by God and thanked by men. A great heart is capable of forgiving. Living in peace with oneself is realized only in the moment of forgiveness.

You see, dear children, peace will not come to the world if there is no forgiveness among brethren first. This is the secret for obtaining peace on the worldly level. Listen to this advice that I am giving you today. You will quickly see that all the wickedness that has become your master will vanish like snow before the sun. Forgive, above all, to regain the peace of the spirit. Be rich in mercy to find peace, justice, and love again. My Son is always ready to forgive your faults; do the same in return.

I will be close to you when you give your hand to your enemy. I bless you and protect you from hatred.

Mary, Queen of Peace