Mary, Mother of the Lamb

Hosanna to the Son of David! My dear children, sing and rejoice, because this Jesus whom you have crucified with your sins is risen. Yes, even my life has been filled with sorrow but now my Son rejoices over all of you who listen to his voice.

My children, sooner or later sufferings come to an end. Have hope and confidence in God, especially when you are, and will be, undergoing trial.

Your land has never been wrapped up in sin as it is today, but there will come times, certainly desired by you, my children, when every created thing will return to its proper place. Jesus, with his second coming, will free you from this very slavery and you will be able to enjoy the infinite goodness of God.

Have patience, dear children. Never forget that your mother always watches over you and your families. After the storm the rainbow always returns. You experience this already on earth, but when the plan of God is realized you will remain ecstatic from such love and such beauty.

Keep praying for priests; they are undergoing trial as never before. Pray for families that are crumbling. Pray for all those who have lost their faith, also for the wicked example given by false Catholics.

I love you. Remain united in prayer, since in humility one will have victory. Let good example be for you a reason for life. You life must be exemplary if you want to please my Son.

You are safe in our hearts, but you are going to face difficult days. Cling to Us, only thus will you be safe. I bless you. You are loved by that Jesus crucified and risen, offered of himself for you on the cross.

Mary, Mother of the Lamb