Mary, your Mother

Dear children, I pray always for you as you ask me to, but you, do you then behave according to my intentions? You know well that my desires are all directed toward your salvation.

Your times are reaching fulfillment. I implore you, stick to my counsels. My Son has offered himself for you, but you have understood that if you do not do his will, you will not enter to take part in his kingdom.

I pray so that your hermetic hearts open to the love of God. In obedience to him you will find happiness. Be charitable towards each other, and you will notice that, all of a sudden, your life will improve and the spirit that dwells in you will fill you with every grace.

Seek to imitate the saints that you have had on earth. Their example will give you the certainty that what you are doing to imitate them will be the approval needed to enter to take part in eternal joy.

Your earth no longer gives you what you need, but if you are obedient to the laws of God, you will not lack what is necessary. Multiply moments of prayer and give good example with word and deeds.

I am near to you. Listen to what I counsel you and do not be afraid of the negative things that you will see in the days to come. Victory is with your God and Satan is at the end of his days.

Pray so that every child of mine can reach the heavenly goal. I bless you, children, I protect you under my mantle. My Son will forgive your sins if you are obedient.

Mary, your Mother