The Holy Spirit of God

In the beginning, all was perfect. Heaven and earth praised the Holy Spirit, who had created them. My dearest children, even today my Spirit acts uninterruptedly, but man, with his wickedness, has destroyed all that he has touched.

Not in this way, my children, not in this way. The Father, with all love, has touched the whole universe. Love overflowed in the universe and man became the absolute master of such beauty, such goodness, such love.

Then, unfortunately, the most intelligent angel presumed to take the place of God and all fell down like a heap of evil and sorrow. Man, after the temptation, knew wickedness; with disobedience he suffered all the evil that it brought him in sadness and distrust.

Today, my children, you must put right all the sin that is in the world if you want to recover the good you have lost. You understand that the hands of man cannot create; without the Spirit who acts in each of you you are like cymbals that do not sound.

Wake up, ask pardon for all the evil that you have brought upon yourselves with your arrogance. Recover a bit of that humility that will lead you back to love your creator.

“I Am”: you will never be his equal. Pray that your heart return to beat in unison with that of Jesus, who made himself man for you, to teach you obedience to the Father and to the Holy Spirit who is in you.

Your Lord has been relegated to your oblivion. Your heart, having become ice, can no longer recover the warmth that the love of God transmits. Make room for the Holy Spirit who dwells within you. Only then will you be able to recover the love of God, infinitely good.

I bless you and illuminate you with my Vital Light.

The Holy Spirit of God