Sorrowful Mary

My dear children, my love for you is great but I do not see, on your part, many positive responses. I am sorry to see that in your life, everything counts more than prayer.

Before that manger what have you promised? And what have you asked for in return? Realize that the spiritual part of you is becoming all the poorer. You know well that the times in which you are living are not the best, but you do nothing to make them better.

God the Father is still biding his time, but in the end he will settle his accounts with you. Then you will understand, my dear adored children, why he addresses you by calling you a “little remnant.”

You are free to choose God or Satan, but then you must not be regretful because each of you will be responsible for his own choice.

For most of my children, Holy Christmas serves to get drunk. Yes, dear children, not only alcohol intoxicates, but also your thoughts when they are contrary to the message of God.

Spirituality in my children is no longer fed, and it is for this reason that so many of you will not have life, that which is eternal. My Son, in his infinite goodness, has let himself be crucified for you and how have you reciprocated?

Dear children, acknowledge your sins and wrest yourselves from this destructive sleep. Pray and fast from all that distances you from God, otherwise you will have nowhere to flee. Satan will give you what you have chosen in full liberty.

I yet pray for you; I do not want to lose you. Open your hearts to that Child whom you have not celebrated.

Sorrowful Mary