The Father, He Who Is

Your Father is here, among you. Do not wonder about this, because a Father can do nought but visit his most beloved children. It is good for me to be with you. The prayer that fills this house is what I love most.

Dear children, continue to thank Me for all that, in my love, I have willed to give you. I remind you to be salt of the earth because, without you, all would become insipid. Call upon your God and ask for Faith for yourselves and for your brethren.

Unfortunately, on your earth one no longer believes enough. Be evangelizers; bring my Son to your brethren. Never tire of calling upon the Most Holy Trinity and you will be saved.

It is easy to believe in what one sees, but I tell you, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my Word will never pass away.” It is not hard to believe in God, but it is hard for you to entrust yourselves to One who is greater than you.

Why, my children, do you want to take my place? Do you not know that there is only one God? Only one Lord who has made everything from nothing?

I love you. I have given my Only-Begotten Son for your salvation. What else do you need for believing? I tell you: return soon to my arms, or you will be lost forever.

The sun rises in the morning to draw down the evening. Do not let it be that your hearts no longer see the Dawn. Entrust yourselves to Me; you will be safe forever.

You believe only in what your eyes can show you and in what your hands allow you to touch, but I tell you, that when you finally “see the Glory of God,” you will taste the fullness of joy.

Come to Me, I will give you rest and my love will bring your living to perfection in blessed eternity. I love you, my children. I bless you and protect you until you have conquered the world.

Peace, love, consolation forever.

The Father, He Who Is