Mary, Mother of All Peoples

My dearest children, when you understand the importance of the holy rosary, you will have the joy of my love. You know very well that I love you absolutely. I am the Mother of all peoples, and not even one of my children is outside my heart.

Prayer brings you close to my heart. For this reason, with great ease you can obtain the graces necessary for you. Call upon my name and I will respond with joy to your demands.

Only with prayer can you draw close to our hearts. Jesus gives you his Spirit together with his Father, and you will be safe in the very moment that you understand these things.

Speak to our hearts with sincerity. Ask for salvation for the whole Church, for your families, and for your beloved who have passed on to new life. Even they need your prayers to rise to us from Purgatory, place of expiation, to the Heavenly homeland.

Be truly convinced that only by meriting the eternal prize can you live with true joy, true peace, true love. May the crown of the holy rosary be always with you. You can defeat the times to come only with my weapon, that I have entrusted to each of you.

I desire that you speak about and make known the Marian weapon to all those dear to you. Time is pressing and I want to find welcoming me all my dear and beloved children. You will merit an eternal prize if you listen to these words of mine.

I love you and desire all of you at my side. You know well that a mother is one who gives her life for her children, and for this reason I desire the best for them.

Keep my weapon always with you and fear not; I love you and will protect you. I desire to have you all with Me.

Mary, Mother of All Peoples