Your Heavenly Mother

My such beloved children, entrust your families to the divine heart of Jesus and you will save them from all that will happen in these last, negative times. I defend you from Satan, but as for you, seek to do the will of your Father who is in heaven.

So many, too many, of my children do not take care to pray to Him who can do all things. They do not account for the risks up against which they are going. They are like the deaf who do not want to hear, but the Word of the Gospel brings you all the knowledge of what you need to save your life.

Dear children, read the Word of God, meditate on it within your families. Instruct the ignorant, put into the light what the shadows want to cover from your hearts, from your eyes, from your ears.

Seek the truth. Do not be content with useless chatter. Always go deeper into every discourse. Seek the deep meanings in the words that are used to bring you up only to recognize the things of the world.

I pray you, open the “Gospel” more often, meditate on it, feed yourselves on the Word of my Son, or else you will find eternal death.

Dear children, if I speak to you with such love, it is because like a Mother I want to save all of you from the pains of hell, no one excluded. Pray and make others pray, because you have obstacles to overcome, on the spiritual level, all the more often.

Do not have fear. Go forward in the certitude that, in “His Word,” you will be victors over all that is human. I am close to you and watch over all that wants to make you fall. I love you and bless you.

Your Heavenly Mother