Mary, Mother of Victory

Peace be with you! I am your Mother, who comes from heaven to speak with you about these difficult times that you are crossing through before the plan of God is fulfilled.

Dear children, listen to me attentively because my words will be of help and consolation. You are aware of all that is changing and my children, most of them, are not yet aware of all this.

Do not leave prayer aside, for it will be your most secure pass. I have brought you my weapon. Use it often. Meditate on each “Hail Mary.” I pray for you without rest; otherwise, you would be truly in a valley of tears.

Be attentive to every sign that the Lord and Master is giving you. Thus you can understand better what will happen even after. You need signs and “Your Father” will not certainly not leave them lacking.

Do not say, “But this has always happened.” The rain is not falling as it must, the seasons are no longer the same, so many of your brethren have behaviors not adequate for these times, catastrophes are by now the state of affairs, diseases are often incurable and, above all, are not willed by God, but by man.

You are twisted up by hate and by sin and will no longer be able to come out of them if you do not seek, on your knees, the forgiveness and help of God. My dear children, I cannot leave you at the mercies of Satan. For this reason, I seek also your help.

Be strong. You know well the armor to put on. Be ready for every eventuality and, above all, do not fear, because my weapon will win every war.

I bless you and protect you.

Mary, Mother of Victory