Mary, Bearer of Joy

My children, do not say “Jesus is risen, now we can rejoice!” Seek, instead, to meditate on his passion. Even your life is a course full of obstacles and this, unfortunately for you, is not yet a time to rejoice.

Remember, though, that after suffering, even for you, comes joy, that which is true and for ever. My dear children, you have yet many obstacles to overcome, but if you turn your hearts toward us, all will seem more approachable to overcome.

Address your prayer in this moment to your Father. He has thought you up, He guides you on your way, and He permits your steps to travel down the most correct road.

I will still guide you but if you will not obey, you will not allow me to intercede for all of your needs. Pray more and with more fervor. Believe that what you ask for you will obtain, because yours is a merciful and just God.

To each of you will He give according to your merits. Remember that justice will reign to give to each of my children what they truly merit.

I love you so much. Help, in these times, those who let themselves be confused by Satan. Even these difficult days will pass and, finally, you can truly rejoice from your heart. Remember that only in the love of God can you be happy.

I am still with you. Leave your worries and seek to merit all the beautiful and good that awaits you after the trial. Believe in the Word of God and you will live in joy.

Mary, Bearer of Joy