Your Hope, Mary

Dear children, I keep watch over you like one watches over a newborn baby. Entrust yourselves to Me and do not seek out human beings to go asking for what you need on the spiritual level.

The trials of life, you can overcome them only by approaching He who has thought of you from always. Praise God, pray to him with a heart full of gratitude for what He will give you.

Place your life in his hands and then make use of my intercession. Your Father wants only your joy. You will never have true joy if you approach others.

Live out the trials of life with serenity and feel safe in our hands. This moment is not the best, and precisely for this reason you need to place yourselves in safe hands. You know well that after the storm the sun returns in splendor.

You will all be put before trials greater than you, but whoever entrusts himself to our hearts will be victorious over all things. Help your weakest brethren. Entrust them to God who sees and provides for all, and all will come to fruition in the best way possible for his most beloved children.

Do not live in the darkness of dejection, because the enemy counts only on this to lead you away from eternal joy. Pray; let the crown of the Rosary occupy your hands often during the day.

Pray that the enemy, now in his last battles, fall into the depths of hell with empty hands. Live out this period as if in anticipation of long-awaited graces to cancel every kind of curse.

Your Hope, Mary