Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord

My daughter, you are a mother and can understand me. Pray and have others pray for my most beloved sons, those dearest and most precious priest sons. There will come difficult times and I will be with them, but if they offer their prayers, their difficulties, their solitude, Jesus will give them the strength to face whatever difficulty.

I tell you also, be calm; nothing will be able to do you harm if you hold tightly on to Me with prayers and offerings.

There are so many of you who think you are doing the right things but it is not so. Speak little and act more. Your non-believing brethren need your works. Remember, the wind carries words away but good works remain in witness to your love for God.

Do not tire of doing good, which will remain with you as a consolation and offering in the decisive moment of your life. I pray you, what is urgently needed is your good sense and, above all, your love.

Open your hearts to Jesus and God will give you a hundredfold. Recite more often the holy rosary and offer it, first of all, for the Church, all its components, beginning with the pope, all the way to the smallest of my beloved children.

I, dear children, can count only on few of you, but I promise you that if you listen to my words, you will enjoy them upon your return to the kingdom of God.

Never mind those who say: Lord – Lord, and then do not operate according to the Gospel. You, dear children, pray in silence and act according to the Word of your Christ, dead on the cross for you.

I bless you. Use often my weapon and do not fear. Nothing negative will touch you. Be of service, like Me.

Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord