Mother, Co-Redemptrix

Dear children, I am here in your midst and I care for each one of my children who are suffering because of such calamities. Blessed are you who understand that only with prayer will you succeed in finding true peace and love for all those like you.

It is time to awake from the sleep that has sustained you in apparent calm. You know very well that the earth is no longer giving you the fruit that it must, but, unfortunately, you must make a mea culpa and roll up your sleeves, lessening the bitter moments that would reduce your life in joy and satisfactions.

You must not doze off thinking that, even by not reacting, you could return everything to its place. It is not so. The damage that you have done in all the world will not disappear as if a curse were lifted. Roll up your sleeves, bend your knees, and make a mea culpa, because no longer will anything be able to take up again the place waiting for it from the beginning of creation.

You wanted to take the place of God, but unfortunately for you, you are once again constrained to walk back if you want to put things back in their place.

Dear children, hands and mind will serve you little if you do not put first obedience to the Most High. Entrust yourselves to God and do not fear anything, not even in these difficult times.

I will not abandon you, because I know well your needs, but you, call more often upon my help. Only my Son can fix all your errors. Pray that the darkness not take the place of the Light in your life.

Let my blessing bring you peace and joy, that of my Son. May he give you the Light to walk better. I love you.

Mother, Co-Redemptrix