Mary, Most Holy Mother

My dearest children, my cenacle is in poverty today. My children have deserted prayer and do not understand that they will no longer be able to recover the time they use for doing useless things in order to offer it to God.

My Son is displeased when he sees that his children do not understand what they are losing when their presence differs from my call.

My children, pray that your Eternal Father not punish you heavily to show you your errors. I dedicate all my time to you. I love you so much and will still do everything possible to bring you back to Him, who has thought of you forever.

You are born to live in joy. Do not destroy your “passage” on earth, otherwise you will lose the most beautiful part of your life. But how do you not understand that your Father has created you to give you, together with his infinite love, all of beautiful eternity!

Dear children, stop a moment and reflect: why lose the better part that has been promised to you? Why not understand how great your recompense will be if you will have obeyed the word of God?

I help you to discern good from evil but your “I” is hard in understanding. You let yourselves be won over in temptation. The devil knows your weaknesses and you do nothing to overcome them.

My children, kneel at the foot of the Crucified One and let your heart be opened before such suffering and such love. Remember, only One is God. The others are gods; do not lose yourselves through them.

I bless you, holding you tightly to Me.

Mary, Most Holy Mother