Mary, Help of Christians

Listen, my daughter: all your preoccupations will vanish if you entrust yourselves totally to your God. At times, it seems that you forget that He who has made heaven and earth can decide, at every moment, what He himself wants. Do you know what these words of mine mean? Therefore, if you believe in Him, you cannot be worried about what you are seeing and living through.

The Father loves his children and, if it needs to happen, he will permit even what might not seem good to your eyes. Who says that in difficult moments there will be brethren of yours who will convert their hearts?

You know, sufferings often help one to reflect. You are my children and each of you, finding himself before an obstacle, thinks right away of climbing over it. You see, you have in your heart a positive part that makes one always go forward, but temptation sometimes makes you go back, carrying negativity and disobedience with respect to the Father.

Dear children, you always have two possibilities, to do good and win, to do evil and lose. These times are shedding light, with yet more evidence, on good and evil, with particular clarity. Decide to open your heart to Him who has given his life for you, my Son.

I always intercede for you when you open your heart to me. Every time that you have me enter, I will not disappoint you. A mother always gives the best to her own children. I love you, I listen to you, I protect you, and I will always defend you, from the ancient serpent. Pray and rejoice; what awaits you is peace, joy, eternal light.

Mary, Help of Christians