Mary, Your Lovable Mother

My daughter, I want to console and thank you because you have been close to me with your suffering. Now I want to say to all of you, dear children, that I need all of you. You have understood that the times in which you are living are the last, and for this reason I yet need more of your help.

Pray with the heart and complete your prayer with some offering, so that I can intercede for you before God. One cannot ask with empty hands. It would be like pretending. In your requests, then, do not let prayer and suffering be lacking.

I am always ready to welcome your requests but you, ask me, in particular, for the graces necessary for your dear ones to enter into eternal dwellings. Do not bask in your false joys, but seek only eternal salvation.

Your earth has been offended and destroyed. It will no longer give what you need. Unite, then, your prayers in asking from your Father eternal salvation.

You need to find again the divine Spirit; that which is of the world will no longer be able to suffice for you. You will find consolation for your hearts only by turning to your Father, who desires to fill your hearts with his grace.

You are walking in a dark valley, but I assure you that, soon, Divine justice will triumph. I love you and want you all with Me. Strive to live in the Word of God and you will see that all will turn into true joy.

I share this prayer of yours. I bless you one by one, in the name of the Father, of My Son, and in the Holy Spirit. Live in Love and you will be consoled.

Mary, Your Lovable Mother