Mary, Sorrowful Mother

My such beloved children, hold tightly to Me, or the other one will take your souls. My protection is for all of you. I am your true and only mother. Do not draw far from me, not even for a moment. Only with me are you safe.

My children, you are carrying out massacres but, unfortunately, too many of your brethren do not understand and do not perceive the temptations. Pray, I tell you, because the time that remains is really small. I love you too much to leave you in his diabolical hands.

Be strong. Do not draw far from the Eucharist, the Only Food that keeps one alive. Speak clearly, either for God or for Satan. You will find no other choices.

My Son awaits you in his kingdom but you seem not to understand. Realize that the choices are only two. The devil is drawing you all toward him and you, poor children of mine, do not realize how enormous are his lies.

Do not draw far from Me. Ask me to intercede for you, for your families, for your priests.

Do not abandon the true Church. Prostrate yourselves at the feet of Jesus and pray him to shorten his times, otherwise there will be no more salvation for many of you.

It is your Mother, full of bitterness in his heart, who speaks to you. Help me, you who love to follow my counsels. I need you. Pray and fast, because these times are truly unsustainable. Pray. Pray. Pray.

I bless you. Hold tightly to me and I will support you. You will not fall into hell. I love you. I hold you tightly to my heart. I will not leave you in the hands of Satan.

Mary, Sorrowful Mother