Mary, Most Pure Spouse

Dear children, you have celebrated My Name many times these days and I thank you for your fidelity and the great love you have shown me.

I thank you and I am near you. Seek to feel my presence in your heart. Continue to entrust yourselves to your Mother in heaven and you will not suffer the baleful things that will yet occur on your planet earth.

Entrust yourselves always to Me. I will console you and your sorrows will vanish, leaving in your hearts hope and love. I want all my Cenacles to burn with love for Jesus, He who has given his life for all of you.

You know well that so many, too many of his children are abandoning him and following Satan, who is, in this moment, master of the world. But how is it that do they not understand that they will pay for all this with terrible pains.

Hell is a place of great sorrow and my poor children will have to suffer eternal sorrows. Pray much for them, because time is running short and is passing quickly.

My children, never tire of praying and offering sacrifices for these brethren who are blind and deaf. Jesus loves you so much. He promises you that the days of sufferings that will come he will diminish so much you will not notice them.

Be always coherent with your life of faith. Do not let the evil one steal your hearts. I am always near each of you. I will not abandon you even for one moment until our most beloved encounter.

I bless you. Remain bound to my Heart, Immaculate and Sorrowful in this time, but which will soon triumph.

Mary, Most Pure Spouse