The Immaculate Conception

My children, I am the Immaculate Conception and I am praying with you. So many of my children do not believe in my Immaculate Conception and do you know why? Because “sin” is much more convincing than “purity.”

You, my children, have the certitude that I, Mary, Mother of the Creator, am most pure in body and in spirit. Again, how could our Omnipotent Father not preserve from sin the Mother of his most precious Son?

Dear children, seek in every way to avoid sin, because Satan is able to destroy even your body after having destroyed your spiritual part. I love you so much and I am coming to you to make you decide to leave sin.

Confession, if well done, noticeably cleanses you on the spiritual level and even your body will enjoy this benefit. Seek to live far from sin and I assure you of my help even on a personal level.

Jesus preserves the family continuously and, within a believing family, one can find joy, peace, serenity, and true love. Do not confuse love with other poor sentiments. Remember that if you do not abandon sin, you will never know true love.

Let Jesus be your joy. Do not draw far from Him and you will be happy and joyful in living through the trials that life offers you continuously. I am with you. Come to seek joy and love under my protection.

I bless you lovingly. I embrace you.

The Immaculate Conception