Mary, Mother of Jesus

I am your Mother and the Mother of Jesus. Dear children, never doubt the love that binds me to each of you. Without my help, above all in these times, you would not go far.

I am leading you, I am teaching each of you the best way to follow. You are walking in the dark like never before and the terrible thing is that you are not aware of it.

I am taking you by the hand but some of you do not welcome me. I cannot insist without their wanting it. You, my dear children, always follow me steps and go ahead without fear, without if, and without but.

My dear children, I counsel you always on the surest way and in order to encounter the least obstacles along the way. Dear children, always listen to your heart before beginning anything.

I will always counsel you for your good and you will continue serenely and full of the grace of my Son. Remember that without prayer you will never obtain the best for you and for your families.

Do not listen to those who would bring you far from my Jesus. It is Satan who always offers much and then, in the same way, takes it all away, leaving you with bitterness in your mouth. Do not have fear or worry. My children will never lack what is necessary.

Let the Eucharist always be your daily bread. I will console you in afflictions and will raise you up in your falls. I bless you, my dear children. Always remember that strength comes and will always come from God.

I bless you. I await your requests and your help.

Mary, Mother of Jesus