Your Queen of Peace

My such beloved children, I am with you today to console you. I understand very well your state of mind, but I ask you with all my heart not to grow sad. I am with you. I implore you, be calm, otherwise how will you help your brethren in the difficulties that you will have to face?

I am with you, but you, regain the serenity and the patience that my Son, from the height of that Cross, has taught you. You know very well that you find yourselves living in the last times on this earth that is consumed, sullied, destroyed by man, who has not wanted to respect the will of God.

I pray you: I need you, you are my last children of peace. Be close with your good example to the brethren who live in the darkness that Satan chooses precisely for souls weak in temptation.

Do not listen to those who judge you by putting your patience to hard proof. Your Father counts on you and on your example.

My dear, dearest children, feel yourselves protected. Jesus, together with Me and your guardian angel, will not let you be tempted more than you can fight back. Be yet my little handmaids, fighting with the strength of prayer, the only weapon that bears prayer, the only weapon that leads to victory.

All those who are near you must feel your strength, which comes only from the Holy Spirit, who is God! I am with you. Have courage, I tell you, you are well protected. Nothing can do you harm if you are filled with our spirit.

I bless you from on high. Lift your eyes to heaven when you are in difficulty, with the certitude that We are there for you.

Your Queen of Peace