Mary, Most Chaste Mother

You call upon me as “Immaculate,” but do you understand what this means? My such beloved children, I want you to think more, even about your behaviors. My Immaculateness begins with my purity of spirit, and then even of the body.

My children, I do not pretend that your bodies remain pure. You mothers understand what I am saying. But when I speak with you, my daughters, I mean “pre-matrimonial purity!”

This purity remains unnamed. An impure act means precisely this. My daughters, I turn to you. Take up again living in chastity until the day of your wedding. I tell you that sin brings only negativity.

Your children, born from an impure act, come from sin and certainly sin does not bring purity. You understand that only a fully-aware confession brings you back to peace with God.

I speak to you, my daughters, but also my sons are in mortal sin if the act of conception comes about before the matrimonial blessing. Too many impure acts bring as much negativity in your life.

Pray that your young ones come to their marriage in purity of body and soul. I tell you that such wars would not have happened. I am your Mother. Listen to me, at least in these last times. Purify your bodies, in addition to the absolute purification of the spirit.

I bless you. Be pure. Let me purity be your example.

Mary, Most Chaste Mother

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