Mary, Mother Forever

My daughter, so dear to my sorrowful heart, continue to pray and offer all your sufferings for the salvation of the many brethren who are unable to draw near to their Creator.

Too many children are far from our teachings. The sacraments are no longer known and even less respected. The young, unfortunately, have no more good examples, even from the family.

My daughter, pray that many parents start praying again with their children for their salvation and that of those dear to them. The spiritual part of my children, for most of them, no longer exists.

They are aware that earthly happiness is not enough, but they do not find the way that leads them to true joy. But, you, tell me: how can one find love without knowing He who has given his life for your salvation?

The earthly world cannot give you true joy, but I tell you that if you begin to pray to your Savior with the heart, above all within the family, Jesus will reward you by giving you a taste of full joy, even while confronting the many difficulties that you will yet encounter along the way.

Entrust to me all the young, so that they believe that they will find full joy only when they let enter into their hearts the pierced heart of Jesus.

You see how your times are shortening. Wake up from your dreams and confront reality with the help of God, otherwise you will lose what counts the most, eternal joy. I bless you and draw you close to my maternal and immaculate heart. Be true children of God, demonstrating true love.

Mary, Mother Forever

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