The Lord and Master

My dear children, I am at the gates, and are you ready to open to let me enter? The angels of heaven are already with you to prepare you for my second coming and my Mother finally will free you, with her love, from the snares of the ancient serpent. Be ready; stocking up on food will not help you, but only that you prepare yourselves on the spiritual level.

If you want to do me homage with your prayers, I will do for you all that I have promised. Stocking up will not help you in any way, I repeat, but I want hearts open so as to be able to fill you with my Spirit. Only with my Holy Spirit must you do any kind of stocking up, because you will need much of him. Your hearts will finally be able to rejoice, your ears will be able to hear my voice, your eyes will see the glory of God.

Prepare yourselves in order not to fall into the coming temptations, which will be the strongest of all time. Satan does not lose a moment; he is beside you day and night to be able to make as many souls as possible fall. For this reason, I recommend you stock up on my Spirit. Only with Him can you feel secure.

My Mother is fighting for each of you. Be shrewd, obey her calls, receive Me in the Eucharist daily. Only in this way will you be safe. The gloom of darkness will never succeed in covering my Light. Fear not, I tell you, because I Am the Lord and no other.

My Mother knows well what helps you to confront these times, and I send her to you such that you do not feel alone. You have urgent need of her presence. I am with you all the days of your life and no one will be able to do you evil, next to Me.

I bless you.

The Lord and Master