Jesus and Mary, Renewers (of Humanity)

Dear children, behold my family. Jesus, new Adam and I, new Eve, we have generated all the children for the New Era. Yes, dear children, there will come new times where there will be no more tempter and my children will finally let themselves go into our arms. Take care of the family that has been entrusted to you. Love your children like my Son loves the Church. It is from the God-fearing family that your society will be able to change. Each of you is responsible for the failure of the family nucleus.

My dear children, I am with you and I will never abandon you, but you ought to be more responsible. Speak in the family of the things of God if you want to confront the trials that will come, in serenity and above all without losing hope. You understand that the family is the cell that carries society. If the family lives in unity, even society will be united in confronting difficulties, certain of overcoming every obstacle. Jesus and I are close to you. We desire that you living on the earth not be reduced to a bad way of living, but that it be the anticipation of that eternal life that waits for you and that he will give to each according to merits.

My family, here gathered, is following me, entrusts itself to my care and then I will give them all that is best for them and the strength not to fall in the ultimate temptations, which will be the strongest. Satan wants to destroy the greatest work that Jesus has produced, the family, but I assure you that he will not reach his goal.

I love you, Jesus loves you and will not allow that so many children be damned. We only ask that you entrust yourselves with all your strength to our care. Love each other because stronger in love is faith, and in faith you will walk with sure steps toward the great family, that formed by the New Adam and the New Eve.

Dear children, in these news I bless you in the certainty that your families are safe with us. Love will conquer the world.

Jesus and Mary, Renewers (of Humanity)