The Virgin Mary

Dear children, in this most great feast of All Saints, we will soon all celebrate together in heaven. People like yourselves, extraordinarily faithful to Jesus, to the Father, and to the Holy Spirit, are praying for your planet as never before.

Consider yourselves fortunate, because through their merits many of you will be saved even at the last moment. You cannot imagine with what conviction and love they pray for you. Jesus loves them very much. They are the ranks through whose continual workings they bring as many souls as possible to the Kingdom of God.

Pray also yourselves to the saints with fervor, above all to those whom you have had the grace to know on earth. Without their prayers, very many men would not merit eternal joy.

Love your saints. They work with Me for your liberation. My dear children, it is a great spiritual inheritance that they have left on the earth. It is your turn now to take advantage of this every day. They pray to God for you with unspeakable love, they who know well the temptations to which you have been submitted.

They are your guarantors. They work without rest since, with Me, they want to bring you to rejoicing with eternal joy. May my blessing open your hearts in such a way so as to prepare them for the encounter with my Son.

Celebrate this day, knowing that you have in Paradise more valid credentials. We love you and we will help you overcome the difficulties that you have in these times of atheism and unbelief.

Dear children, have faith, courage. Heaven is open for all who believe in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. All the saints are near to you. Take advantage of their help. Be always ready; we are waiting for you.

The Virgin Mary