Mary, Most Holy Mother and Teacher

Do you now believe? Did I not tell just tell you, “I will astonish you”?

I have brought you, unexpectedly, my priest – do you now believe that it is I, myself, who speaks with you? It is true that for my children it is easier to believe in earthly lies, but believe me, my daughter, my Spirit speaks, and even much so, but most of you do not set your ear to such a voice.

My daughter, I have been conceived without sin, but I have never doubted but have said, “Thy will be done.” I ask you now to believe; it is I who speaks with you.

You wanted proof, now you have had it for umpteenth time. Believe, and you will see the glory of God. I am always with you. A mother always puts her children first, and you moms, at least in this, do believe.

Do you know why you are living through these difficult times? Because of your little faith, the churches are emptying and my Son remains in the tabernacle all the more alone. Dear children, take up again the way that leads you to Jesus, or you will not be forgiven your sins.

You say, “But it is not a fault if I spread out my visits to church”, and yet I tell you: whoever loves desires to be more often with the beloved, and do you love my Son? He has given his life for you and you reciprocate with solitude, indifference, little love.

My dear children, do not leave Jesus in solitude in his house. He needs you in order to be able to save you. Listen to me, if I come to you it is because I see the danger, the dangers which you are living through.

I do not leave you. I cover you with my mantle but you, believe in the Father, praise him, in the Son, love him, in the Holy Spirit, call upon him at every moment.

I bless you, dear children. Believe – believe – believe.

Mary, Most Holy Mother and Teacher