Mary, Mother of Help

Write. I could never not love my children, even if they don’t want me, don’t love me, don’t consider me their mother, I love them. My such dear children, a mother suffers and offers herself for each of her children.

I have suffered much for my Son but I have never abandoned him. Not only this, I have shared his sufferings. Mothers, I tell you, a son is loved more particularly when one sees him suffer.

This is true love, this is giving oneself, this is living for our neighbor. Seek to love more; it is easy to love those who love you but one gains more, on the spiritual level, when love is not reciprocated.

My Son accepts your prayers above all when you are not repaid and reciprocated on earth. Giving is not expecting to be returned to you. Freely you have had, freely give.

I always bring you Jesus. I love all of you in the same way and desire your joy and your salvation. You will have all the more a tomorrow, if today you give without being given to in return.

Pray for your families, whom Satan has put to the test with fury. Your children need your prayers more than ever. Offer them for their salvation. Resist temptation, pray, do penance. Each of you possesses my weapon; use it, remove every possibility to Satan.

I love you. My Son is with you. Do not look for the goods of down below, but aspire above all to the love of God. I bless you. I am your Mother and my Son is your help. Remember this when you are in temptation.

Mary, Mother of Help